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Dr. Adriana Wood

Experience 15 Yrs Experience

Msc in Dietetics, PG Dip in Dietetics

Gerontological Renal or Nephrology

A professional biography is the first step in showcasing your personality and your talents. It’s a vital step in building your personal brand and winning new clients. It’s also something that many people don’t consider until they are asked to provide one, and they are forced to cobble one together in a hurry. The best time to write your bio is before you need it.Read More

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Dr. Eve Kalinik

Experience 10 Yrs Experience

BSC (Clinical Nutrition & Dietitics) , MSC (Food & Nutrition)

Sports Gerontological

After 13 years in fashion PR, Eve Kalinik left the world of designer brands to pursue her passion for nutrition. Fast-forward several years and she’s one of London’s go-to names for all things gut health. In clinic, Eve uses high-tech tests (think stool analysis and saliva and blood checks) to analyse your gut microbiome and formulate a personalised approach. As a self-confessed foodie (and the author of two bestselling books), Eve is also passionate about fostering a positive relationship with food, so be prepared to leave armed with plenty of menu and recipe suggestions.Read More

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Dr. Lucy Miller

Experience 5 Yrs Experience

MSc ( Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)

Gerontological Renal or Nephrology

A firm SL fave, Lucy’s journey as a nutritionist started after the diagnosis of cancer as well as epilepsy in her immediate family led her to explore other health paths alongside conventional medicine. A member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists, the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, Lucy believes in a fad-free approach to health. Whether through clinical lab testing or simple adjustments to nutrition, supplementation or lifestyle, she’ll get you back on the path to peak health. Lucy will be running a perimenopause programme in early 2022, focusing on sex hormones, gut health, adrenals, thyroid health and blood sugar.Read More

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Mr. Nutritionist John

Experience Yrs Experience

PG Diploma


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